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School Notes: School of Medicine
July/August 2022

Nancy J. Brown |

New Yale Center will focus on infection and immunity

Yale School of Medicine is launching a Center for Infection & Immunity under the leadership of Akiko Iwasaki, Sterling Professor of Immunobiology and of Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology, professor of epidemiology and of dermatology, and Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator. The center will have an ambitious goal: to produce better diagnoses, treatments, and ultimately cures for infectious diseases, as well as post-infection acute and chronic diseases, autoimmunity, and aging-related diseases. It will also work toward vaccine development, based on Iwasaki’s pioneering work showing that vaccines directed toward the mucosa might provide better protection than systemic vaccination.

“I am very excited to lead the Center for Infection and Immunity,” Iwasaki says. “This center will catalyze collaborations and partnerships between people from diverse backgrounds to learn more about how various infections cause distinct disease outcomes and how we might prevent, diagnose, and treat such diseases better.”

Deputy dean will further school’s clinical mission

Margaret McGovern has been appointed deputy dean for clinical affairs at Yale School of Medicine and chief executive officer of Yale Medicine (YM), effective July 1. McGovern has been Knapp Professor of Pediatrics and dean for clinical affairs at Renaissance School of Medicine at Stony Brook University and vice president of Stony Brook Medicine Health System clinical programs and strategy. At Yale, McGovern will play an essential role in the development of clinical strategy for the School of Medicine at an important juncture in the relationship between the school and Yale New Haven Health System. As CEO of YM, she will participate actively in the senior leadership group of the medical school’s academic health system and play a key role in setting and realizing strategic goals. As deputy dean for clinical affairs, she will serve as the physician leader who represents the clinical mission of the School of Medicine in all venues.

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