School of nursing

Yale provides matching endowment funds to YSN

Yale recently announced a historic $50 million investment in YSN over five years. This commitment shows a clear affirmation of the scientific expertise, superb clinical care, educational excellence, and persistent fortitude that the YSN community has always shown, especially during the COVID-19 years. This opportunity challenges YSN to unlock the university’s investment by raising equivalent dollars during the For Humanity campaign to address priorities such as financial aid, faculty support, and other initiatives to bring greater diversity, equity, inclusion, and impact to the nation’s most trusted profession. Achieving measurable gains in these areas will bring us all closer to the ideal of better health for all people as YSN approaches its centennial in 2023.

COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy research

Associate Dean for Global Affairs & Planetary Health LaRon E. Nelson and Professor of Nursing David Vlahov publicly presented their vaccine hesitancy research at the Yale event “From the Supply Side to the Bedside: Advancing Integrated Strategies to Promote Racial Equity in COVID-19 Vaccination.” Nelson served as the principal investigator for three recently published papers on COVID-19 vaccines and Vlahov served as a coauthor on all three articles, which concentrated on Black, Latinx, and immigrant communities. The research was commissioned by SAIC, a northern Virginia technology integrator company.

YSN faculty lend expertise

Faculty are often invited to share their expertise in a variety of settings, including the following small sample of activity. GEPN chair Sascha James-Conterelli and Associate Professor of Nursing S. Raquel Ramos have been selected to participate in the National Center for Faculty Development & Diversity’s Faculty Success Program. Lecturer Jennifer McIntosh and Associate Professor Hermine Poghosyan have been invited to present at the 34th annual Eastern Nursing Research Society research conference. Women’s Health Specialty director Tamika Julien and Lecturer Monica Philipp made major contributions to the the new and improved National Association of Nurse Practitioners in Women’s Health Certification Exam prep course. 

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