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Blonde, fit and very attractive, our private client is an Ivy educated (Doctorate) consultant. Based in the CT/NY area, widowed and ready to move this part of her life forward she is seeking a warm, intelligent, fit and kind man in his early to mid-70's in the New England-New York area for dinner. hiking, the arts, travel and romance!! Call: 212-627-0121 or Bio and photo: sandy@therighttimeconsultants.com

Gentleman: Join our confidential

exclusive database to be. introduced to our beautiful, classy and charming female clients or become "Our" client and let us represent you. Why settle when you can be amazingly well-paired, happy and in "Love". Sandy@therighttimeconsultants.com. or 212-627-0121.

Health conscious, athletic, funny, philanthropic

Harvard alumna in NW CT seeks like-minded man 58-70. Bonus - enjoys travel, laid-back luxury, dogs, giggles . Long Distance Ok.


Stunning, slender Brunette with international

pedigree 5'6" athletic, recently sold her practice. Wishes to date relationship-ready men, age 62+, 5'10" and above, on east coast and internationally. 212-627-0121 or sandy@therighttimeconsultants.com

Yale goddess wakes up happy every day. Join me? sweetivylady@outlook.com