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We’re looking forward to a fall semester somewhat closer to normal, so people can enjoy some new and refurbished campus spaces like this one: the common room of the Humanities Quadrangle, formerly the Hall of Graduate Studies.

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  • George Huthsteiner '74 TD
    George Huthsteiner '74 TD, 1:12pm June 21 2021 | Ico flag Flag as inappropriate

    NO. THIS cannot stand. Who the $?%! authorized this obscene miscarriage of interior design? Bring back the overstuffed leather chairs and Persian rugs that belong to this classic Collegiate Gothic room. Zig-zag Art Deco in wood would be fine.
    <> Use THIS style furniture in Mid-century Modern buildings like Kline Tower where it belongs. Or give it away to the many mid-century Modern buildings in New Haven whose owners and occupants might actually need and want this style. Or to grad students swimming in debt to furnish their off-campus rooms. OMG Almighty.

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