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September/October 2020

This is a list of books and other media, created by Yale alumni, that we received in the past two months. To have your work listed, please send a copy of your recently published or upcoming work to:

Yale Alumni Magazine

P.O. Box 1905

New Haven, CT



Ashley Lucas ’01: Prison Theatre and the Global Crisis of Incarceration: Performance and Incarceration, Metheun Drama.

Robert Michael Pyle ’76PhD, ’76MPhil: Nature Matrix: New and Selected Essays, Counterpoint.

Abigail Dumes ’07MPhil, ’14PhD: Divided Bodies: Lyme Disease, Contested Illness, and Evidence-Based Medicine; Duke University Press Books.

Christopher Stroup ’08MAR: The Christians Who Became Jews: Acts of the Apostles and Ethnicity in the Roman City; Yale University Press.

Leigh Bardugo ’97: Ninth House, Flatiron Books.

Jon Lieff ’66: The Secret Language of Cells: What Biological Conversations Tell Us About the Brain-Body Connection, the Future of Medicine, and Life Itself; BenBella Books.

Nicole Billick ’04MBA: Marvelous Masks, Nicole Billick.

Scott Savitz ’94: The Fall of the Republic, Scott Savitz.

Benjamin Grant ’11: Overview Timelapse: How We Change the Earth, Ten Speed Press.

Carl Smith ’72MPhil, ’74PhD: Chicago's Great Fire: The Destruction and Resurrection of an Iconic American City, Atlantic Monthly Press.

Arthur Wilmarth Jr. ’72: Taming the Megabanks: Why We Need a New Glass-Steagall Act, Oxford University Press.

John Witt ’94, ’98MA, ’99JD, ’00MPhil, ’00 PhD: American Contagions: Epidemics and the Law from Smallpox to COVID-19, Yale University Press.

Ben Slotznick ’70: Zoom Reunions: Lessons from the Yale Class of 1970 Reunion May 2020, Ben Slotznick.

Roland Boucher ’55MEng: Ancient Measurement: How Ancient Civilizations Created Precise and Reproducible Standards, Archway.

Carlton Larson ’00JD: On Treason: A Citizen's Guide to Law, Ecco.

Mel Currie ’70: Just Before Too Late, Himmelfahrt.

Charles Egan ’79: Voices of Angel Island: Inscriptions and Immigrant Poetry, 1910-1945; Bloomsbury Academic.

 Bil Johnson ’71: Right Time, Right Places: A Memoir, Adelaide Books.

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