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A moving experience

For 44 years, the Yale Alumni Magazine has operated from the second floor of 149 York Street, a former bakery that was renovated by the university in 1960 for the Yale University Press. After the Press moved out in 1973, the building became a kind of catch-all for orphan units and departments, ourselves included. (For at least half our tenure in the building, 149 has been officially slated for demolition.)

Today, we're moving across campus into comfortable, more conventional corporate office space.  There’s a lot we'll miss about 149. Operable windows, for one thing, and handy access to Yale's art museums (and Atticus!). We share a floor with rehearsal rooms for the drama school and the Yale Rep, so we’ll surely miss tripping over nervous thespians running their lines in the hallway—and spotting famous actors in the restroom.

Starting Thursday, we'll be on the third floor of 2 Whitney Avenue. Come see us in our new home!

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