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Exceedingly curious

It’s time again for you to identify a mystery location on campus. Does it look familiar? There’s extra credit for anyone who knows what the letters “E C” stand for. (We don’t!)

Edited 3:17 pm: This is the passage from the Art Gallery sculpture garden out to the walk between Skull and Bones and Jonathan Edwards College. Attached to Weir Hall, this odd structure is in part a reconstruction of the towers of Alumni Hall, the Old Campus building that was demolished to make room for Wright Hall. The whole complex—Weir Hall, the towers, and the courtyard that became the sculpture garden—were part of an early-twentieth-century plan by an alum to build an Oxford-style cloister and residence for Skull and Bones.

Which brings us to “E C.” Justin Zaremby ’03, ’07PhD, ’10JD, wrote to suggest that they stand for “Eulogia Club,” an early name for Skull and Bones. Sounds right to us.

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