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Let's go to the QB-cam

What does the action look like on a football field from a quarterback’s point of view? We got to see this week, thanks to a video recorded using Google Glass, the much-discussed new wearble computer technology coming next year from Google. The company has distributed some 8,000 of the devices to developers and consumers to try out, and the New Haven marketing agency Digital Surgeons brought their pair to football practice for quarterback Henry Furman ’14 to try out. (Furman, who was an intern for us at the Yale Alumni Magazine this summer, is one of five QBs vying for the starting position in tomorrow's opening game against Colgate.)

As you can see in this video from Digital Surgeons, the unobtrusive eyeglass-style device gives you a great view of what the quarterback sees as his offense runs a play, kind of like some live-action version of the Madden NFL video game. Furman told the New Haven Register that the experience was “pretty cool,” though he joked that he'd have liked it more if “the open receivers would’ve lit up or something like that.” Just a matter of time, I'll bet.

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