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On weekdays, Yale blue. Sunday, the wearing of the green.

Some prominent Marshalls have passed through the corridors of Yale Law School. There's the late Professor Burke Marshall, a civil rights lawyer during the Kennedy administration. There's alumna Margaret Marshall ’76JD, known for—among other things—writing the landmark Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court decision that first legalized gay marriage, and chairing a committee that reported on sexual misconduct at Yale.

Now, meet another marshal: Grand Marshal Joe Lynch of the Greater New Haven St. Patrick's Day Parade (which, despite its name, was held a week before St. Patrick's Day).

All week long, Lynch toils away in Yale Law School's Ruttenberg Hall: past the bike rack, up the stairs, and down the hall in the office of student journals, where he is a publications assistant. On Sunday, however, Lynch donned a top hat, tails, and green-white-and-orange sash, stepping out at the head of more than 3,000 marchers and tens of thousands of spectators who strode through the sunshine and melting snow into downtown New Haven for this major local event.

Lynch, a New Haven native, is a second-generation grand marshal two times over: both his father and his mother's sister preceded him in the post.

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