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Dick Cass ’71JD: Super Bowl president

The Baltimore Ravens want us to know they are "Not Basking In Super Bowl Glory." Still, you could forgive Dick Cass ’71JD for just a little bit of basking. The Ravens president is in charge of the money, not the pigskin—but he got his turn to hoist the Lombardi Trophy after his team beat San Francisco in New Orleans on February 3.

“You lose money” on the Super Bowl, Cass tell Bloomberg News. “But there are long-term benefits that pay off later.”

Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti handpicked Cass, then a corporate lawyer in DC, to run the business side of his team in 2004. “Usually, you meet people who graduated from Harvard or Yale and they figure out a way to tell you they graduated from Harvard or Yale within an hour of meeting them,” Bisciotti tells the Washington Post. “You could know Dick for a year and if you didn’t specifically ask him, you’d never know.”

Cass may need to deploy his legal training in the coming weeks, as the Ravens try to negotiate a new contract with their Super Bowl MVP quarterback, Joe Flacco. Flacco’s agent —another Yalie, Joe Linta ’82—has announced that his man deserves to be the highest-paid QB in the NFL.

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