Every Friday, we choose an alum who has been making headlines—for better or for worse.
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7/15/11: Barbara Bush ’04

She shares a last name and Yale College degree with her father. But politically and professionally, former first daughter Barbara Bush ’04 seems to have more in common with another ex-president: Bill Clinton ’73JD.

Bush, who endorsed Obamacare last year and gay marriage this year, is cofounder and CEO of Global Health Corps. The nonprofit agency sends young people with backgrounds in business and tech and HR—but not medicine—to work with “high-impact” health care organizations around the world, as future leaders in “the movement for health equity.” Describing the work of one such fellow last year, she said: “His job is to do for the 1 million people of Zanzibar exactly what he did for The Gap—but instead of getting jeans to The Gap, he is working to get life-saving medicines into the hands of patients and hospitals that need them most.”

Bush was at Yale this week as 68 new fellows began their training on campus. She stopped by Mory’s, where she and the fellows met with the Yale Club of New Haven and the Association of Yale Alumni.

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