Richard Conniff

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    God and white men at Yale

    In the 1920s, leading thinkers—including the greatest economist America ever produced—focused their efforts on eugenics, preserving the Nordic stock, and the problem of “race suicide.”

    April 30 2012
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    The patriarch

    Vincent Scully is controversial, combative, the consummate insider but a fighter by nature. He is one of the most influential voices in architecture today -- and maybe the greatest lecturer Yale has ever seen.

    February 29 2008
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    The missionary and the gorilla

    A nineteenth-century tale of disease, perseverance, scientific infighting, and a landmark of natural history.

    August 31 2008
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    Iconic. Almost by accident.

    Nearly 50 years ago, a Yale graduate created an image that became part of America’s visual vocabulary.

    November 1 2014 | Ico comments 1 comment