Cathy Shufro

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    First days at Yale

    New students talk to us about their plans.

    November 1 2018
  • Findings

    Can we talk?

    Conversation is harder, cognitively, when people don’t share the same background.

    January 1 2021
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    Graduates talk

    We interviewed graduating students about their time at Yale--and what's ahead.

    July 1 2021
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    Commencement '19: grads reflect

    We talked to seven new Yalies about their days on campus and what comes next.

    July 1 2019
  • Findings

    He says "unprecedented"; she doesn’t

    Men in science toot their own horns in their published articles.

    March 1 2020
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    Saving the reef

    A pair of School of the Environment alums are making the restoration of coral reefs their business.

    May 1 2022