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New faces on board

One trustee elected, another appointed.

Mike Cavanagh ’88 View full image

Carlos Moreno ’70 View full image

Two new members joined Yale’s Board of Trustees in July. Carlos Moreno ’70 (below left), a former US ambassador to Belize and former California Supreme Court justice, was elected by alumni to a six-year term this spring (over Maurie McInnis ’96PhD). Michael Cavanagh ’88 (above left), chief financial officer of Comcast, was chosen by the board for a six-year term.

The Board of Trustees, historically known as the Yale Corporation, also announced two reappointments. Rhode Island governor Gina Raimondo ’98JD will serve another six-year term; she has been on the board since 2014, when she was elected by alumni. And former US ambassador to the EU William Kennard ’81JD will also serve a second term.

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