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Hail fellows

Five alumni win MacArthur grants.

Courtesy Macarthur Foundation

Courtesy Macarthur Foundation

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When the new MacArthur Fellows are announced every fall, you can be sure of two things: that the media will trot out the phrase “genius grant” (though the MacArthur Foundation discourages it) and that there will be some Yale alums on the list. Just like last year, 2019’s crop includes 5 Elis among the 26 winners of the award for “exceptional creativity,” which includes a $625,000 stipend. The Yale winners are (clockwise from top left) theater director Annie Dorsen ’96, ’00MFA; classicist Emily Wilson ’01PhD; criminal justice reformer Lisa Daugaard ’95JD; literary scholar and historian Saidiya Hartman ’92PhD; and computational neuroscientist Joshua Tenenbaum ’93.

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