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Investigation into admissions fraud case

In an independent investigation commissioned by the university, a law firm found no evidence that anyone at Yale other than former women’s soccer coach Rudy Meredith accepted bribes in exchange for admissions endorsements, and that there were no more instances than the two previously reported (“Soccer Coach Charged in Admissions Fraud,” May/June). The administration says it is now taking precautions to verify the athletic credentials of applicants and that the admissions office has begun a “thorough review of the application evaluation process to identify areas where fraud may be possible.”


Report released on professor’s misconduct

In August, the university released the results of a former US Attorney’s independent investigation of former Yale psychiatry professor Eugene Redmond (Campus Clips, March/April). The report concluded that Redmond sexually assaulted five men—four of them Yale students—while they were at Redmond’s research facility in St. Kitts. The report also detailed three instances of “inappropriate medical examinations” and other sexual misconduct dating back to the 1990s. Redmond retired in 2018; the university says he has been banned from the campus and “denied the privileges of a retired faculty member.”

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