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Music hall

A new home for the Institute of Sacred Music.

Mark Zurolo ’01MFA

Mark Zurolo ’01MFA

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An institution devoted in part to training singers and choral conductors surely understands the need for breathing room. And now, Yale’s Institute of Sacred Music has a little more. On February 23, ISM dedicated Miller Hall, a 110-year-old house at 406 Prospect Street that will serve as its new home. The institute, which is affiliated with the Divinity School and the School of Music and offers programs in sacred music, liturgy, and arts, was previously housed across the street in Sterling Divinity Quadrangle. Renovated at a cost of $6 million, the house has been named to honor J. Irwin Miller ’31 and his sister, Clementine Miller Tangeman, who were the founding benefactors of ISM in 1973.

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