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A Brazilian journalist was arrested on September 26 by a Yale police officer for trespassing; she was looking for the chief justice of Brazil’s supreme court, who was in Woolsey Hall for a Law School event that was closed to media. Claudia Trevisan of the newspaper O Estado de S. Paulo wrote on her blog that she was detained for several hours before being released. Yale officials said she had been told ahead of time that she “was not permitted on Yale property” during the event. The charges were dropped.

In response to a controversy over what many interpreted as mild university discipline in cases of “nonconsensual sex” (see Light & Verity, September/October), Yale posted a document (available at that includes eight fictional scenarios—with resolutions that ranged from reprimand to expulsion—that were designed to elucidate its approach to resolving such cases.


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Hendrie Hall will become the Adams Center for Musical Arts when it reopens in 2016, after extensive renovations and an addition connecting it to the music school’s Leigh Hall. The name change honors Stephen Adams ’59 and his wife, Denise, who contributed $10 million toward the renovation. In 2006 the Adamses gave the school $100 million.

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