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Martha Kang McGill ’14MFA

Martha Kang McGill ’14MFA

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Public health students amass, during their studies, a wealth of health advice. But the “public” part—getting that advice out to people who can use it—can also be the hard part. During the last academic year, a partnership was born: 14 students from the School of Public Health teamed up with 14 graphic design students from the School of Art to produce posters to inform and engage the public. The result, an exhibition called “The Art of Public Health,” was on view at the School of Art in the spring and at the Connecticut State Capitol in the summer.

In a video about the project, Danica Kuncio ’12MPH and Martha Kang McGill ’14MFA talked about their poster (shown here). McGill said the project “helped me to think about real-world applications of my work. Sometimes it’s easy to forget about that in the school context.” Said Kuncio: “I can throw these numbers out and talk about vaccines for hours. She can put it to paper. It was like she was translating into a different language.” 


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